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Тіторова Олександа Олексіівна

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«Харківський коледж текстилю та дизайну»

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«Виробництво та дизайн тканин та трикотажу»

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Тіторова Олександа Олексіівна

Тіторова Олександа Олексіівна - Инвестирование - 1 Sydney attracts foreign guests with its unique attractions, but a friendly atmosphere. Local residents has a friendly and cheerful personality, unique sense of humor and love to "sharp word". Surprisingly, with such a free and apparent at first glance, the frivolous attitude to life, townspeople differ a keen sense of responsibility and high performance.

The way of life of the citizens felt a b influence of English culture. They tend to exercise restraint, some of the locals may seem quite stiff, but these feelings are only a feature of the initial perception. A typical national trait of citizens remains a desire as you spend more time in open space.

Тіторова Олександа Олексіівна - Инвестирование - 2 One of the good traditions of local people remain camping on the BBQ, which involved people of all ages. Many even call a barbecue a "national sport", so widespread and loved by the townspeople is the event. Another important feature of the character is laconic. A summary of thoughts is welcome in the usual small talk, and the discussion of important business issues.

Going for a walk in the city, you notice that the townspeople tend to be rather casual and a bit careless style of dress. However, to go to a prestigious institution and a business meeting here adopted a simple and neat attire. Lovers of outdoor activities and vibrant entertainment will be interested to visit Sydney in January, is a most interesting cultural event of the year festival.

Street parades and performances under the open sky, a Grand military marches and carnivals, an abundance of treats and original rides are just part of the rich program of this magical holiday. The festival is always held many events dedicated to the culture and traditions of the Australian aborigines. Extraordinary dance and musical performances, interspersed with the kind of culinary holidays and fun competitions during the festival are always working the colourful markets.

Тіторова Олександа Олексіівна - Инвестирование - 3 Local merchants can safely be called the most honest in the world. They absolutely frankly tells the buyer about all the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and the price will reduce to a minimum.

Sydney is one of the most impressive cities in the world and is ready to offer interesting and rich cultural program for its guests. For its size the city of Sydney is inferior even to new York. This city has absorbed the rhythm and energy of life other major cities of the world, but at the same time left himself with a variety of differentiating it, a unique urban values.

Almost all the attractions of Sydney are located in the same area, so no need to spend extra effort to get to them. In spite of the huge size of the city, a very large proportion of the Royal Botanical Park. The symbols of the city are two magnificent building is the Opera house show on the map to see the photo gallery, like a ship with raised sails and Harbor bridge show the map view photo gallery – a viewing platform with amazing views of the port.

Тіторова Олександа Олексіівна - Инвестирование - 4 Opera is a real masterpiece of modern architecture, the building boasts a unique and harmonious style. Is the theater building on the site of an ancient Fort, its construction began in 1959. According to the plan of the famous architect Jorn Watson, the scale of the building is a white shell, seen from the water's edge, the building looks very impressive and original

Тіторова Олександа Олексіівна - Инвестирование - 5 Next is another important symbol of the city – the harbour bridge (Harbor Bridge), which the locals call "hanger". Harbor Bridge is among the largest arched bridges in the world, its construction was completed in 1932. For the construction of huge structures it took 8 years for the erection of a bridge worked a half thousand workers. Today, the Harbor is not only one of the most important sights of Sydney, but is the most recognizable landmark of the continent.

In summer, in Sydney everyone is trying to move closer to the numerous beaches, harbors and coves. The most famous beaches – Bondi show on the map view photo gallery, a favorite surfing destination, manly show map view photo gallery, nestled among huge pine trees inhabited by arboreal parrots, and in the evening sometimes there are penguins. In Sydney a lot of places that you can visit include the Blue mountains is a wonderful eucalyptus forests with a wonderfully clean and fragrant air, Sydney tower show the map view photo gallery – the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere, the Chinese Garden of Friendship show the map view photo gallery are decorated according to the strict rules of garden design of the V century, the Observatory Sydney show on the map, the most impressive Cathedral of St. Mary to show on the map view photo gallery built of Sandstone in the first half of the 19th century, especially for the Irish prisoners. In Sydney you can find entertainment for every taste – from visiting numerous museums and galleries to tasting authentic Australian cuisine.

Тіторова Олександа Олексіівна - Инвестирование - 6

Visitors to the city should definitely visit the famous Centrepoint tower. Its height is 300 meters, the large building houses several attractive restaurants, a huge shopping Mall and entertainment centre with a variety of attractions. The walls in the restaurants and cafes made of glass, so during the meal you can admire the city from a bird's eye view. Tourists climb to the tower remains one of the most popular attractions to get to the observation deck, it is necessary to overcome more than a thousand steps. There is a more comfortable way to overcome the dizzying heights, the observation deck accessible by Elevator.

Another way to look at Sydney from a great height – to visit the Royal Botanical garden which is an observation platform called "Armchair Mrs. McGuire". According to legend, on one of the nearby cliffs, the founder of the garden was cut down for his wife's shop, where you can relax in the evenings and admire the magnificent Bay. Today a viewing platform is visited daily by thousands of travelers, it is possible to consider not only the coastal area but also the surrounding city.

A huge number of attractions presented in the Chinatown area. There are beautiful historical buildings and a picturesque Park of Friendship, and Chinese restaurants, as well as a huge number of colorful markets and souvenir shops. Fans of the outdoors should definitely visit the Park of Friendship, he is the world's largest Chinese garden located outside the territory of China. On the creation of this picturesque oasis worked known gardeners from China, the garden they designed in full accordance with the traditions of the 5th century. On its territory there are original compositions from plants, and amazingly beautiful buildings in traditional style, and a traditional rock garden.

Among architectural sights we would also highlight Queen Victoria House, which is located in the business district of the city. The beautiful building was built in 1898, today it hosts one of the most popular shopping centers.

A great addition to the cultural program will be a visit to the local Observatory, which is located in the same historic building as the Astronomical Museum. The main part of the city is in the evening, visitors can appreciate the beauty of the starry sky. A day at the Observatory are interesting and informative presentation.

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