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ПРИЧАСТИЕ (Упражнения)

Определите функцию причастия и переведите предложения:

Exercise 1.

1. The approaching car was of black color.

2. The growing organism increases in size up to a certain limit.

3. The atria act as receiving chambers.

4. The gallbladder is a hollow sac lying on a lower surface of the liver.

5. Influenza is an acute infectious disease occurring at all ages.

6. A tooth is covered with enamel preventing it from destruction.

7. All the air passages are lined with cells bearing numerous cilia.

8. Blood coming from the lungs is rich of oxygen.

9. The specialists discussing this problem differ in opinion.

10. The organisms producing pus are known as pyogenic bacteria.

11. The mediastinum separating the lungs is located in the chest cavity.

12. The pleura covering the lungs and the walls of the chest cavity forms the pleural cavity.

13. The rash covering the entire trunk in scarlet fever extends even to the face.

14. The branches arising from the aorta distribute blood over the entire body.

15. The patient suffering from malaria was treated with quinine.

16. The changes occurring in food poisoning have been recently studied.

17. Conditions having the onset resembling influenza were reported.

18. The causes are divided into those arising in the bowel itself and those arising outside.

19. Periodic pain simulating that of peptic ulcer may be present.

20. To study the nature of the lymphoid cells effecting this reaction a group of the patients was sampled.

Exercise 2.

  1. The injured man was taken to the operating room.
  2. The repeated injection gave no results
  3. The method used proved successful.
  4. The drug prescribed proved ineffective.
  5. The information obtained proved useful.
  6. The findings described proved variable.
  7. The drug used healed the wounds in a short time.
  8. The surgeon observed marked improvement in the condition of his patient.
  9. The results obtained are encouraging.
  10. 24 glands examined showed damage of the anterior lobe.
  11. The surgical technique presented was relatively straightforward.
  12. The mortality in trauma is directly proportional to the number of organs involved.
  13. Because of small number of lymphocytes available the test done was not of success.
  14. As the dose of bacteria injected was increased, the respond was immediate.
  15. Fluoroscopy revealed no protein deposits in the biopsy specimen examined.
  16. All conservatively treated cases were fatal.
  17. Organisms isolated included streptococcus/
  18. Review of the operations performed revealed that 5% of them resulted in .death.
  19. The operative procedure indicated was drainage of the abdominal cavity.
  20. The method employed consisted of ionotherapy.
  21. All serum used was inactivated for 60 minutes.
  22. The abscess found at the operation was opened.
  23. The patient operated on yesterday complained of a severe headache.
  24. The man admitted to our hospital had acute appendicitis.
  25. The patient treated with penicillin felt much better.
  26. The instrument invented at our clinic last year simplified the technique of the operation.
  27. The patient complained of attacks of pain in the abdomen accompanied by nausea.
  28. An important cell found in the liver is Kupffer cell.
  29. The liver is the main organ concerned with the nutrition of the body.
  30. Pain produced by pancreatitis is indistinguishable from that of colecyctitis.

Exercise 3.

1. While giving medicine to the child, the nurse noticed that he had a high temperature.

2. While being at home, he developed an acute epigastric pain which came on suddenly and was severe.

3. While examining the patient, the doctor asked him about the changes in his condition.

4. When reading special literature, you must write down everything that is of interest to you.

5. Spreading to the meninges, inflammation of the middle ear may cause severe complications.

6. Examining the patient attentively, the doctor detected the cause of the deformity.

7. After examining a few patients were allowed to return home while waiting for the operation.

8. Following each beat of the heart, there is a period of rest for the muscle.

9. Being X-rayed again, the patient’s stomach revealed no signs of any lesion.

10. Being seen, the patients were revealed some signs of heart failure.

Exercise 4.

1. Having passed through endothelial barrier into blood vessels, food products are carried to the liver.

2. Having made the rounds of the unit, the surgeon on duty went to the reception ward.

3. Having developed dullness in the lungs, the patient was prescribed the course of injections.

4. Having improved considerably, the patient had no more accompanying signs of the enlarged liver.

5. Having analyzed the sputum, the laboratory technician found numerous cocci in it.

6. Having undergone the adequate treatment, the patient did not complain of any discomfort.

7. Having bandaged the wound, the nurse allowed the patient to stand up.

8. Having examined the roentgenogram, the doctor saw no tuberculous lesions in the lungs.

9. Having been revealed gastric carcinoma, the patient had to undergo surgical operation.

10. Next day the doctor ordered him to go to bed, having diagnosed muscular rheumatism.

Exercise 5.

1. When examined, the patient complained of tenderness in the epigastrium on palpation.

2. When viewed through the microscope, the microbes become visible.

3. When taken in time, any measures to control a disease bring positive effects.

4. When questioned about his past history, he denied any physical trouble.

5. When indicated, immediate resuscitative measures are employed.

6. When examined by X-ray, the abdomen showed no pathology.

7. The tumor metastasizes slowly but recurs immediately when removed incompletely.

8. The treatment of this infection is not difficult if begun in time.

9. According to this view, the operation should be performed when required in a given case.

10. Pathologic organisms or toxins, if absorbed, are cleared by defense of the body.

Exercise 6.

1. When asked about the symptoms of duodenal ulcer, the student couldn’t answer.

2. While skating, he fell down and sprained his ankle.

3. If taken regularly, the pills are effective.

4. Surgical procedures are of great value when performed at an early stage of the disease.

5. To identify the virus causing human influenza serologic tests are made.

6. Allergy affecting the respiratory tract is even more serious than skin allergy.

7. Enoxacin was 100% effective in each dosage used.

8. The most common signs seen before the operation for heart failure are heart enlargement and edema.

9. Having finished a check up of the patient, the doctor recorded everything in the case history.

10. Being examined, I was asked about my last illness.

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