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Ш. Перепишите следующие предложения, содержащие разные формы сравнения, и переведите их на русский язык.

1. This museum is more interesting than that one.

2. We discussed the most important problems at the meeting yesterday.

3. The more often you use English words in speech, the better you learn them.

4. The longer we worked with this man, the more weliked him.

IV. Перепишите и письменно переведите на русский язык следующие предложения, обращая особое внимание на перевод неопределенных и отрицательных местоимений

1. Nо student of this group was in Kiev.

2. Some of the students will go on an excursion tomorrow.

3. Any museum of Kiev is of great interest to us.

V. Перeпишите следующие предложения, определите в них видовременные формы глаголов и укажите их инфинитив; переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Mу friends left Kiev for Moscow.

2. Boris and I played chess after dinner.

3. They will be glad to see us in Kiev again.

VI. Прочтите и устно переведите на русский язык текст. Перепишите и письменно переведите 2, 3 и 4-й абзацы.


1. Kiev is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Like every city Kiev has a charm of its own. Everyone who sees Kiev for the first time is struck by its great appeal. There are many wonderful monuments of the past in the city such as the Golden Gate that dates back to the 11th century, the famous St. Sophia Cathedral with its golden cupolas gleaming in the sun.

2. Kiev is the largest centre of national Ukrainian culture. There are many research institutes, the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, manу higher and hundreds of secondary schools in Kiev. The University which bears the name ofShevchenko stands in the centre of the city. Kiev has a history that goes back for more than fifteen centuries.

3. Kiev is a highly developed industrial city. There are many engineering, instrument-building, food processing and light industry establishments in Kiev. The plants and factories produce complex automatic lathes, excavators, sea and river ships, motor-cycled, electrical measuring instruments, planes, machine-tools, artificial fibers and diamonds. The Ukrainian: scientists discovered the way of manufacturing artificial diamonds and developed the methods of electric welding. They made outstanding progress in nuclear physics, chemistry and other branches of science.

4. The Ukrainian Republic exports manufactured goods to more than 70 foreign countries. The achievements are so great thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian people and the fraternal assistance of the other republics.

Кармазина Л.Г. /МИГАИК/

VII. Прочтите 4-й абзац текста. Из приведенных вариантов ответов укажите номер предложения, содержащего правильный ответ на поставленный вопрос.

Why are the achievements of the Ukrainian Republic so great?

1. The achievements are great thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian people.

2. The achievements are so great thanks to the efforts of the other Soviet peoples.

3. The achievements are so great thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian people and the fraternal assistance of the other republics.


I. Перепишите следующие предложения. Определите по грамматическим признакам, какой частью речи являются слова, оформленные окончанием -s, и какую функцию это окончание выполняет, т.е. служит ли оно:

а/ признаком множественного числа имени существительного;

б/ показателем 3-го лица единственного числа глагола в Present Indefinite;

в/ показателем притяжательного падежа имени существительного.

1. Nowadays this republic produces tractors and electric apparatus.

2. What is your teacher's name?

3. The scientists achieved great results in this branch of science.

II. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их, учитывая особенности перевода на русский язык определений, выраженных именем существительным.

1. This power-station equipment is quite new.

2. The workers did not stop their work that cold spring night.

3. The new Institute is not far from my house.

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