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Шаблоны работы по клиентке

С целью оптимизации работы с клиенткой и экономии времени нужно создавать шаблоны.

К примеру, если мужчина задал вопрос о детях, работе, семье нужно написать этот текст один раз и сохранить. И в дальнейшем, когда другой мужчина задаст те же вопросы, ему можно будет отправлять уже готовый текст.

На английском языке приведены примеры ответов. Примеры использовать КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИ запрещено! Они созданы лишь для демонстрации написания письма.

О семье:

Пример №1

I live in flat with my son and my cat. My son is 18 years old now, he is a student. We are good friends with him, even though we argue sometimes, you know 18 is very ambivalent age. My son’s name is Vladimir. This year, he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Lyceum of Information Technologies and joined Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Academy of the specialty “Computer Engineering in metallurgical processes”, because he likes computers. My son and I are great friends. He has an easy and sociable character. He loves cars and everything related to them very much. We talk a lot in the evenings, share news and experiences, discuss problems and challenges. Love to watch movies together and listen to the music.

Пример №2

I have a younger sister. Her name is Irina. She is 9 years younger than me, and she is very pretty young woman.

Irina got married when she was 19. She met a good man and they fell in love, but two years later her husband got into a car crash and passed away, and Ira became a widow in age of 21. That was a huge sorrow and distress for all of us.

Recently she discovered her talent as an artist - she paints a picture and has her own small business. Although my sister loves freedom and independence, she is always ready to help in difficult times, and we love and care for each other. We are very close and she is my best friend.

Пример №3

My family is only my parents. My father, Anatoliy is 77 years old and my mother Lina is 74 years old. They do not work but have very active life. I live with them and we have great relations in love and care... My father worked as geologist for whole life and has traveled a lot. My mother has medical education and worked in sanitary-epidemiological station until retired. I am the only child but I have many cousins and aunts :) Sometimes we meet to spend together weekend.

Пример №4

I have two adult daughters and that they live apart from me

My parents passed away and it is a big lost for me but time cures my heart, I have a sister and she lives in Russia far from me, my older daughter graduated and now works, my younger daughter studies but she recently gave a birth to a child that is why she at home and looks after her kid, I help her at weekends when I can.

I am going to visit my daughter and my granddaughter this weekend too to spend some time together. I love to spend time with them, to help them and of course to cook something. When I visit them in weekends I try to cook many dishes and put in the fridge so my daughter has more free time. You know it is hard to have free time when you have a little baby so I try to help her as much as I can. I am proud with my daughters and I think that family is the main thing in our life. I think you will agree with me, my dear.

Пример №5

I was born in Russian city Kemerovo and lived there until I was five years old. Then my family moved to Ukraine and stayed here. In my childhood I used to have music classes and I still adore listening to good music. My mother died last year so I have only father. He is a surgeon and he works very much - that is the reason I worry about him.

I also have a brother Konstantin. He is married and has two kids. He lives in Moscow so I do not see them often.

I am a widow. I was married for a long time but my husband died in 2012. It was very hard for me to move forward and I was alone for two years. But now I want to feel love again because I am tired of loneliness. My daughter Katerina is 28 years old. Sometimes she stays with me but mostly lives with her boyfriend.

О работе:

Пример №1

Well, I work as head accountant in commercial structure, there are lots of liabilities and responsibilities, but I am sure that if you love what you and do what you love then it is a pleasure to have such job. But there are different situations at work and sometimes it gets too stressful...That's why I have to have vacation at least two times per year to have a good rest and relax. So now I have a small dream to get a two-three months holidays to sleep enough and make some home things.

Пример №2

I used to teach psychology at college and I really loved my job. Though it was a little bit hard now because of situation in Ukraine. Salaries get very low, but for me it was not just a way for making money, I enjoyed teaching young people something new.

But unfortunately I had to change my job two weeks ago. All my previous weeks was very hard in job searching and finally I found a good choice. So now I am business interpreter in Russian and Ukrainian languages. I work in the office in the center of the city, it is very comfortable and not far away from home. So I work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is a little bit hard for me, but I have no choice.

Пример №3

Thank you for your interest and reading my profile! I'm an economist. I choose this profession because it was my dream since my childhood, yes, really a strange decision for a little girl... :) But it's really a simple story... Once I came to my grandparents and asked them: "Who has always money?"(it were difficult time in our family and I wanted to help my parents in 10 years old :) ) And my grandma told me that economists always have money as it's their work... so, then I told them that I will be an economist! They were siting, looking at me and smiling... now it's our family's story which my parents love to tell…

Об отношениях:

Пример №1

I am a woman who wants to be happy and give my warmth and care to my beloved man! My heart is full of love and care. I am sincere and honest! I wish to spend my life with my beloved man. We will be best friends and lovers. I understand what life, relationship and commitment really mean. I think any relationship takes much work from both people. I think love is to find the right person and create the right relationship. I will give you more admiration and respect of what you do. I will know that you are respected and appreciated by me. You know I always wanted to live in a house in some green quiet place, to take care of family including cats and dogs.

Пример №2

What features do you appreciate in a woman?

I understand you and your point of view regarding the woman you communicated with. You are right it is not easy to find the right person now. But I am happy that you think positive and you are looking for your beloved woman.

My sweetie, I understand that writing endless letters is nonsense. I propose you to communicate and learn each other better with the help of letters, to know our inner worlds and point of view and in spring or summer meet in a real life. I invite you to my city and in my life! I want you to see where and how I live. You will be in safety with me. What do you think of it?

Пример №3

What I'm looking here for - well, I want to meet an intelligent, well-balanced person with an open mind. Wise, insightful, humorous and with philosophical approach to life. The man who created himself and succeeded in life. And it seems to me that you are such person...I want to meet my soulmate to create a good, b relationship. I want to be loved and protected. I want to take care of my man, to be the mistress of the house. I want to travel and see the world. I want everything wich was missing in my life... is it too much...)))

My first marriage did not last long, there was no love and warmth, and we broke up. I had another ralations, without official marriage, for 7 years, but it ended abruptly a year ago, my partner just announced that he loved another woman, and left.

Пример №4

I think we both know what we want, we are not playing games and telling lies. I often dream about our home, me making breakfast for you, us sitting and huging, reading books or listening to some music. I am not dreaming of passion, i am dreaming about romance. It means more for me than simple passion. True love is not about sex, it is about respect, care, tenderness and understanding each other even without words. Helping each other, sharing not only the happiest moment of life, but the sad moment also...

Пример №5

When we appreciate the little pleasures of life, we will understand how lucky we are. When you and I think that our life is wonderful, it will spread positive energy inside our mind and body. I always open my eyes to the beauty of the world and appreciate it as much as I can. Today I stopped, took a moment and thought about you, things, and all is happening in my life that I am thankful for. I am thankful that you are in my life and I can write you my letter now.

When I am writing you I am feeling peace, beauty, happiness, tenderness, and kindness to be cherished by your lovely letter.

Пример №6

I am absolutely sure in you and I have no doubts about our feelings. I don't know how to explain it correctly... You know, when you are alone for a long time it is hard and strange to start something new. It seems like something you never did before... I think a lot about our meeting and I am sure that I will be very shy for first minutes. I have never started relations in internet and I have no idea how it will be when we finally meet :) I want you to understand me in the right way :) I am not afraid of you, or our feelings... I just do not know the right way to act, the right way how it is supposed to happen.. Or maybe there is no right way for it, what do you think?

Пример №7

If only you knew how much I miss you in my life... I have been betrayed in my life for many times and now I say to myself "Lena, stop, don't make it too fast, be careful" but I can not stop thinking about you. I look at your photos all the time and I dream for us to be together. Stupid, isn't it? I feel myself like a teenager writing to you but I can not stop myself. In everyday life I always make decisions with my brain, but concerning you my brain switches off and I can think only by my heart. And my heart says "I can't live without your letters". The days you write me become more happy and there is always a smile on my face :)

Примеры «об отношениях» можно также использовать для платных рассылок.

О путешествиях:

Пример №1

I love to travel, to discover new culture, new architecture and new people. I prefer to travel to Europe, I have visited almost all the countries except Scandinavian, United Kingdom, Albania, Portugal and Greece. Except of Europe I have been to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia for several times. I like active travelling but sometimes I need just to relax somewhere on the beach. I plan to visit Bali and the United Arab Emirates. But most of all I love France.

Пример №2

I think that I will not rest until visit all corners, because each village has its own history and its own charm. Last summer I visited Normandie and Bretagne. The best impression was the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey and swimming in the English Channel. I know that I would go there again. England also attracts me, with its unique history and mystical atmosphere.
I love French cuisine - baguettes, wine, cheeses, which has 462 species. I think I did not eat anything more delicious than mussels baked in Roquefort with baked potato.

О религии:

Пример №1

You know that having somewhere to go is HOME. Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having both is a BLESSING.I hope that soon we both can have all this...
I consider that a man with DREAMS needs a woman with VISION: her perspective, faith, and support will change his reality. If she does not challenge you, then she is no good for you. Men who want to stay ordinary will tell you not to have expectations of them. Men who want to be GREAT will expect you to push them, pray with them and invest in them.

Пример №2

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

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