Поделиться Поделиться

If you know some inside information, often a secret, you are 'in on' the information

· Is Sarah in on our plans? Has anybody told her yet?

· He won't let me in on the secret.

If someone is 'up to' something, they are doing something secretive that you are not supposed to know about.

· I don't know exactly what is happening but Tom is up to something.

· Why all the whispering? What are you up to?

If someone is 'on' something, they are taking something as a form of drug.

· He's on 50 cigarettes a day at the moment.

· She's on her third cup of coffee and it's only 9 o'clock.

To Bring

If you 'bring something about', you cause it to happen.

· How can we bring about change in this old-fashioned company?

· We need to bring about a change in attitude.

If you 'bring someone along' with you, they come with you.

· I want to bring along John to the meeting, if that is OK.

· Why not bring Simon along, if he's interested?

If something 'brings back' memories, it reminds you of the past.

· That photo brings back memories of our visit to Thailand.

· Meeting him brought back memories of when we worked together.

If you 'bring down' a price, you reduce it.

· We need to bring down the price to something more affordable.

· They're bringing down the price of all their cars.

If you 'bring forward' a meeting, you arrange it for an earlier time.

· I want to bring forward the meeting to Tuesday.

· Can we bring forward the meeting by an hour?

If you 'bring someone in on' a discussion, you ask them to join in with your discussion.

· I want to bring in John on this as he is an expert.

· We need to bring in an outside consultant.

If you 'bring out' a new product, you introduce it to the market.

· I hear they have brought out a new model.

· We're bringing it out early next year.

If you 'bring someone round', you persuade them.

· He was against the idea but Sally brought him round.

· How can we bring him round?

If you 'bring up' a subject, you mention it.

· Mark brought up the problem with the heating.

· Any other problems that you want to bring up?

If you 'bring on' somebody, you train them to be better.

· Martin always brings on the trainees really well.

· We try to bring on people quickly and promote them.

To Come

Sometimes you keep something even though you don't need it at the time but because you think in the future it might 'come in useful'.

· Keep that. It might come in useful one day.

· I don't like learning English but it will come in useful when I get a job.

When something is falling, you can say that it is 'coming down'.

· The football match was stopped because the rain was coming down so heavily.

· Don't buy an Ipod yet. The prices will be coming down soon.