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Unless you live in a country or in an area where technology is prevalent, your life is most likely influenced by technology in one way or another. Take a look at the devices in your home right now. You more than likely will have a refrigerator, an electric stove, a blender, or a toaster oven. In your living room, you will most likely have a television and perhaps a computer. And a large percentage of people have cell phones so they can stay connected with their friends, family, colleagues, and... [читать дальше]


With around 1in 10 university graduates embarking upon a career in engineering each year, it's important that you are aware of the necessary skills and qualities that engineering employers are looking for to give yourself a competitive advantage over the other candidates. One of the beauties of working in this industry is that there are a wide range of jobs available to suit all types of personalities and levels of expertise. Some positions demand a high level of academic achievement, some... [читать дальше]

I. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations.

1) to be familiar with smth a) управлять временем 2) free training courses b) короткое замыкание 3) communication skills c) облегчать 4) in the long run d) проходить курсы 5) to come across e) бесплатные курсы подготовки 6) to manage time f) умение общаться 7) software g) знать что-либо 8) to make it easier h) в конце концов, в общем 9) short circuit i) натолкнуться, случайно встретиться 10) to take courses j) программное обеспечение... [читать дальше]

Give reasons for each of your answers.

Can you add any more recommendations as to letter-writing? «Golden Rules» For Writing Letters 1. Give your letter a heading – it will help the заголовок reader to see at once what you're writing about. 2. Decide what you are going to say before you start to write or dictate. In other words, always try to plan your letter ahead. 3. Use short sentences. предложения 4. Put each separate idea in a separate paragraph. Numbering each paragraph may help the reader to understand it better. 5. Use short... [читать дальше]

Read the advice and look at Helen Brown's CV. Following the guidelines, prepare your own CV.

Curriculum vitae Personal Details Put your most recent studies first Helen Brown Date of birth 3.11.1978 Address 99 Newlands Park London SE30 8UJ Tel: 0171 25650 Education Don't go too far back in time or leave any gaps 1997-present Degree in French and Film Studies, University of London Degree performance to date: 2.1 Specialist subjects: British Cinema. 1992 -1997 Royal Latin School, Aylesbury 4 A Levels: French (B), German (C), English (B), Film studies (A) 7 GCSEs:... [читать дальше]

II. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations.

1) competitor 2) to contribute 3) the right person 4) high-salaried job 5) free command of English 6) good and bad qualities 7) available 8) to change careers 9) to receive a fee 10) to look for a job 11) firm reputation 12) employment agency 13) appropriate position 14) professional duties a) сменить профессию b) искать работу c) агентство по найму персонала d) получать вознаграждение e) высокооплачиваемая работа f) устойчивая репутация g) должностные обязанности h) свободное владение английск... [читать дальше]


If forensic science means science applied to criminal and civil law, we may wonder which of the sciences are forensic sciences. The answer may surprise you. Any science can be a forensic science if it has some application to justice. The most common areas of science that have forensic applica­tions are described below. This will give you an idea of the "big tent" that is forensic science. Criminalistics Criminalistics is an old term first coined by Paul Kirk, the father of forensic... [читать дальше]

Тема: The Close of the Conference

46. Закриття конференції призначено на… a) Today sees the close of the conference… b) Now that our work is drawing at a close it is only fitting that… c) The close of the meeting is scheduled for… d) The close of the conference is taken place at… e) The close of the conference is scheduled for… 47. Я хотів би зробити висновок про загальне значення конференції… a) I should like to bring out the general significance of this conference… b) I should express my satisfaction at the work of the confe... [читать дальше]


Kind of a Letter Salutation Complimentary Close Formal letters to officials' and supervisors2 Sir: Madam: Yours respectfully, Respectfully yours, Yours very respect­fully Letters to business firms and companies Gentlemen: Ladies: Yours truly 1official – служащий 2supervisor – должностное лицо Kind of a Letter Salutation Complimentary Close Answers In advertisements giving no name of person or firm Gentlemen: (or omit the salutation) Yours truly Letter... [читать дальше]