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The Gestalt Laws: Is Our Perception of the World Due to Inborn Organizing Tendencies?

Imagine that you are looking up and you see a single bird flying in the sky. The bird is a figure, a well-defined perceptual object tending to stand out. The sky is ground (or background), the perceptual field that surrounds the figure. This is figure-ground perception. One of the features of this kind of perception is that the figure is usually smaller than the ground and tends to be seen as coming forward from the ground. Other examples include seeing a button on a blouse, a book on a table,... [читать дальше]

Существительные латинского происхождения

Единственное число Множественное число datum – данная величина medium – средство, способ formula – формула phenomenon – явление criterion – критерий basis – базис crisis – кризис radius – радиус nucleus – ядро data – данные величины media – средств formulae – формулы phenomena – явления criteria – критерии bases – базисы crises – кризисы radii – радиусы nuclei – ядра Множественное число=единственному числу sheep – овца / овцы fish – рыба / рыбы deer – олень / олени Однако,... [читать дальше]

Способы выражения подлежащего

Часть речи   Пример   Перевод   Существительное The moonwas rising in the sky. В небе поднималась луна Местомения Личное I know it perfectly well. Я хорошо это знаю Указательное That is the most difficult question. Это самый трудный вопрос Вопросительное Who is it? What has happened? Кто это? Что случилось? Неопределенное Somebody told me that. Кто-то мне об этом сказал Определительное Everyonewas silent for a minute. На мин... [читать дальше]

Gathering Data and Writing Summary Notes

When reading papers written by other authors on the subject that is of interest to you, you must write summary notes. There are two kinds of summary notes. A summary condenses into a brief note the key ideas of a source. It is a concise description of the material without a lot of concern for details. Summary notes are very helpful when you deal with references to source materials, statistical data and all kinds of facts on your spe­cific topic. A precis is a polished summary that in a few... [читать дальше]

Thinking about your presentation

1. State your purpose, be specific. 2. Identify the central idea of your presentation. 3. List the main points of your presentation. 4. Think of supporting material for each main point. 5. Decide what kinds of visual aids you will use Preparing for your presentation 1. Write an outline of your presentation. You might want to add transition words between the sections. 2. Write the introduction. 3. Write the conclusion. 4. Print the introduction, outline, and conclusion in big print. 5. Prepare... [читать дальше]

B. Complete the sentences with the words from the Active Vocabulary Section. Speak about the purpose of your current research and the method used.

1. Currently I ... . 2. I make this set of experiments / analyses in order to ... . 3. The experiment / analysis is performed with a view to ... . 4. The purpose of my experiments / analyses is to ... . 5. We undertake a set / a series of experiments hoping to ... . 6. In our current research we... the method of ... . 7. The method / technique allows / permits ... to... . 8. The method / technique makes it possible to .... 9. This is, without doubt, the most ... and ... method. 10. The method... [читать дальше]

Field of Science and Research

Active Vocabulary to do / to carry on / to carry out / to conduct research to contribute to / to make a contribution to to influence/to affect / to have an effect on / upon to study / to make studies / to investigate / to explore to put forward an idea to suggest an idea / a theory / a hypothesis to advance / to develop/to modify a theory to predict / to forecast / to foresee to accumulate knowledge field of science / research a new area of research current branch / field of research... [читать дальше]

I. Make a comment on the quotations given below.

Modern science and techniques have taught mankind at least one lesson: 1. «Nothing is impossible». Lewis Mumford (American philosopher). 2. «It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are». Clive James. ( Australian critic). II. Answer the following questions: 1. What is an innovation? How do you understand this word? 2. What role do innovations play in our life? Think of some innovations that has had the greatest influence on our life? III. You are going to read t... [читать дальше]

IV. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations.

1) engineering 2) applied science 3) analytical frame of mind 4) essential triangle 5) to compete with 6) large-scale enterprise 7) to cause harm 8) to meet the requirements 9) a factor of safety 10) reasonable solution a) конкурировать с b) аналитический склад ума c) фактор безопасности d) техника, машиностроение e) прикладная наука f) основной треугольник g) разумное решение h) удовлетворять требованиям i) крупное предприятие j) причинять вред V. Match a word in A with its synonym in B: A... [читать дальше]