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Unless you live in a country or in an area where technology is prevalent, your life is most likely influenced by technology in one way or another. Take a look at the devices in your home right now. You more than likely will have a refrigerator, an electric stove, a blender, or a toaster oven. In your living room, you will most likely have a television and perhaps a computer. And a large percentage of people have cell phones so they can stay connected with their friends, family, colleagues, and business associates. The most up to date cell phones boast so many features it is like having a mini computer in the palm of your hand. Though the digital world does have a lot to offer everyone, there are some downfalls associated with our technological era. Newspapers, for one, have been significantly impacted by our digital world. There was a point in time when people were glad to pay a couple of bucks a week to have the weekly or daily paper delivered to their very own door, but with the internet and the news at just a few keystrokes, newspaper companies and other publications have suffered tremendously. Perhaps you have heard of small newspaper companies shutting down their facilities for good because of not enough revenue coming in. Another sector that has been affected negatively is the music and movie industry. As more and more people listen to music in digital formats, mainly the mp3, there is no longer a need for compact discs. The 8 track and cassette tape became obsolete, and CDs are destined for that same position. Car stereos and home entertainment systems are being set up so that you can listen to your mp3s wherever you are, and CD players are not being manufactured as much. The movie industry has also been affected negatively. Ownership of DVDs was once a great thing, but not when you can own your own movies in a digital format and store it onto your computer. These files can then be uploaded onto your laptop or other media device and can be taken wherever you go. Computers even come equipped with DVD burning software so you can create your own DVD movies. With the introduction of HD DVD and Blu Ray discs, which are more popular than the HD DVDs, there is a new demand for Blu Ray players and discs so that people can watch their favorite movies in astonishingly clear picture and sound quality. It's hard to imagine what other advancements development companies can make when we already seem to be living at the epitome of technology, but in a few years' time, don't be surprised to hear of new technologies taking the world by storm.

I. Match a word in A with a word in B:

1) to measure economic growth a)решать неотложные проблемы
2) unemployment rate b) приобретать знания
3) means of communication c) отвечать за что-либо
4) to gain knowledge d) измерять экономический рост
5) drastic changes e) доступность образования
6) to solve urgent problems f) невозобновляемые и ограниченные источники
7) to be responsible for g) средства общения
8) availability of education h) решительные изменения
9) to affect an individual’s life style i) оказывать влияние на стиль жизни человека
10) nonrenewable and limited sources j) уровень безработицы

II. Match a word in A with its synonym in B:

1) to vary a) disadvantage
2) modern b) to increase
3) to convert c) to reduce
4) drawback d) to change
5) to take place e) to transform
6) to shorten f) up-to-date
7) to rise g) to occur
8) to produce h) to manufacture

III. Read the text and find English equivalents to the following Russian word combinations:

1) искусственный интеллект

2) недоступен для человека

3) электронное приспособление

4) расширять горизонты

5) задачи с риском для жизни

6) ежедневная домашняя работа

7) запасать (хранить) информацию

8) обрабатывать большое количество информации

9) улучшенное качество картинки

10) обеспечивать пользователей чем-либо

IV. Speak about the role of technology in the modern world according to the plan:

– technology and innovation

– the revolution in technology

– the role of computer and Internet

– the positive effects of technology on society

– the negative effects of technology

– new advancements in technology

Unit V


Part I

I. Read the title of the text and recollect everything you know about engineering and the profession of an engineer. Discuss your answers with a partner.

II. Discuss the following questions with a partner.

1. Why have you decided to become an engineer?

2. Do you think that modern society experiences a lack of skilled engineers? Is there no need in so much technical staff nowadays as everything is computerized and one good technician is enough to operate complicated electronic systems? Give your reason.

3. Dwell upon skills, habits and competences that are necessary for engineers. Think about requirements an engineer has to meet while applying for a job?

III. Read the text and find answers to the following questions.

1. How is engineering defined?

2. What does engineering deal with?

3. Who gets Master’s or Doctor’s degree?

4. What does mechanical engineering deal with?

5. What are the interests of the research engineer?

6. What are the problems of the technologist?

7. When was a steam engine invented?

8. What is the most important function of the engineer?

9. What are the basic machining processes?

10. What skills should an engineer have?

Text A


Engineering is one of the most ancient occupations in history. It is often defined as making practical application of theoretical sciences such as physics and mathematics. Many of the early branches of engineeringwere based not on science but on empirical information that depended on observation and experience. Engineering is a science which deals with design, construction and operation of structures, machines, engines and other devicesused in industry and everyday life. That there is no single meaning of this word makes it sometimes difficult to find the proper Russian equivalents at once. The result of the increase of scientific knowledge is that engineering has become a profession. A profession is an occupation like law or medicine that requires specialized advanced education. Today it requires at least four or five years of university study leading to Bachelor of Science degree. More and more often engineers, especially those engaged in research , get an advanced Master’s or Doctor’s degree. Even those engineers who do not study for advanced degrees must keep up with changesin their profession. A mechanical engineer who does not know about new materials cannot successfully compete withone who does.

The engineer typifies the twenty first century. He is making vast contributionin design, engineering and promotion. In the organization and direction of large-scale enterprises we need his analytical frame of mind .

Engineers design and make machines, equipment and the like. Such work requires creative abilityand working knowledge principles. The engineer must also have an understanding of the various processes and materials available to him and could be working in any of the following areas: the organization of manufacture, research and development, design, construction, sales and education. The principal work of the engineer is design. He has to design products, machines and production systems. Like the research engineer, the engineer asks «why?» Like the technologist he is also concerned with «how?» The interests of the research engineer are in the area of applied scienceand research. The technologist, on the other hand, works in the real world of specific things and concrete objects. His problems are practical. The engineer must combine many of the characteristics of the scientist, research engineer and technologist. He must have basic knowledge of sciences and understanding of the abstract techniques of the research engineer and should know much of the technology employed by technologists. The most important function of the engineer is to integrate the work of the essential triangle . His interest must be in combining the abstract theoretical world and the technical-practical world. In the 21st century the engineer has at his command many sources of power. He wants to make machinery automatic.

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