Поделиться Поделиться

II. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations.

1) competitor

2) to contribute

3) the right person

4) high-salaried job

5) free command of English

6) good and bad qualities

7) available

8) to change careers

9) to receive a fee

10) to look for a job

11) firm reputation

12) employment agency

13) appropriate position

14) professional duties

a) сменить профессию

b) искать работу

c) агентство по найму персонала

d) получать вознаграждение

e) высокооплачиваемая работа

f) устойчивая репутация

g) должностные обязанности

h) свободное владение английским

i) подходящая должность

j) делать вклад во что-либо

k) хорошие и плохие качества

l) доступный

m) конкурент

n) тот самый человек

III. Fill in the gaps with suitable preposition.

a) for b) through c) to d) with(2) f) under

1. State employment agencies deal…non-skilled positions.

2. …stress a person automatically reverts to what he is used to doing.

3. You will have to do some research on the company you are going to be interviewed….

4. While applying for a job send your applications…as many companies as possible.

5. You will have to go…the stressful experience of a job interview either in the agency or in the company.

6. During an interview stress your qualification…the vacancy.

IV. Match a word in A with its synonym in B.


1) chance

2) to make better

3) to increase

4) to prepare

5) to need

6) to decrease

7) difference

8) position


a) to require

b) to minimize

c) distinction

d) opportunity

e) to improve

f) to get ready

g) to rise

h) post

V. Match the words with their definitions.

1) applicant

2) employment agency

3) application

4) interview

5) competitor

a) making of a request especially in writing

b) meeting for discussion between employers and applicants

c) a person who applies for a job

d) business establishment which helps a person to find a job

e) a person or a firm that competes

VI. Read the text and find English equivalents to the following Russian words and word combinations.

1) готовность учиться

2) образование и опыт работы

3) доверять рекламе

4) собеседование

5) приобретать опыт

6) избегать контактов

7) человек, ищущий работу

8) готовиться правильно

9) уклоняться от ответа

10) свободное владение иностранным языком

VII. Are these statements true or false? Correct the false ones with the right information from the text.

1. There are state and private employment agencies.

2. There are no differences between state and private employment agencies.

3. Announcements of job opportunities can be read in different printed publications.

4. The demand to know a foreign language is not essential when applying for a new job.

5. Free command of a foreign language is an ability freely to deal with a foreign manager, to speak on the phone, competently compile documents.

6. If you prepare yourself properly for a job interview, it will increase your chances of getting the position you want.

7. Flexibility during your interview is not necessary.

VIII. Speak about applying for a job using these prompts.

– employment agency

– job opportunity

– firm reputation

– free command of the language

– appropriate position

– job interview

– to write an effective resume

– educational and professional background

– the research on the company

– to send an application

– to stress your qualification for the vacancy

– to gain experience

– to stress your flexibility and readiness to learn.

Text B


Time flies, and one day you will have to seek for the job. In this unit you will learn how to write a letter of job application, curriculum vitae (CV) – resume (American version), a short written account of your education and past employment.

Besides you'll be given some hints (advice) on how to behave during an interview.

How to write a job application

The job-winning tips given by some professionals:

1. Writing in black ink on white unlined paper looks professional. Put your address, telephone number and date in the top right-hand corner and the name of the person you are applying to on the left, level with the date. Write the company name and address below.

You can possibly type your letter but employers do prefer to see your
handwriting. Leave a line between paragraphs.

2. First paragraph – a polite one-sentence opening explanation why you are writing.

3. Tell them you know they are busy people but stress that your CV proves you are worth time too.

4. Describe yourself like a product on sale. List your skills and personal qualities like high motivation, enthusiasm and adaptability.

5. If you have qualifications, list them briefly.

6. Flattery is important, so explain why it's the only firm you want to work for.

7. Ask for an interview. Say you are happy to come in for a chat at any time, even if there are no jobs available now. Thank the reader for their time and remind them you are waiting for a reply. Use «Yours sincerely» if you're writing to a named person and «Faithfully» if you started «Dear Sir/Madam». Sign your letter at the bottom left and print your name clearly below.

II. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations. - Инвестирование -  1


Always type it on unlined white paper, preferably a single sheet.

Write your name, address and telephone number.

Put your health record, date of birth and marital status.

In the next section, note down your education. Put any qualifications on the next line.

Next, detail your work history, starting with your most recent job. Give dates and describe your duties.

List hobbies and interests and put extra information in a separate section.

End by saying that two referees are available on request – not naming them leaves you free to choose the best ones for particular jobs. Rememberthelonger an application, the less chance it has of being read.

Never send a photo-copied letter – it looks like you don't care.

Always be positive and never apologies for being You.

II. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations. - Инвестирование -  2

Text С


Preparing for a job: CVs

Your CV should be • word-processed • laser printed on good quality paper • no longer than two pages of A4 paper

You should include:

Personal details

The employer wants to know «who you are and how to contact you (essential informal only).


3. Work experience Don't just describe the job – stress what you achieved and what you learnt.

Positions of responsibility

If you do not have a lot of work experience, this section will show employers your potential.

5. Skills Be positive about your ability – never undersell your experience.

6. Interests Stress any significant achievements related to your interests.


Current students and recent graduates should choose an academic referee and a personal one (this could be an employer).

Get your referees permission first and tell them what you are applying for and what you would like them to stress in a reference.

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